Careers in Panama
Important Career info - Read me:

Ok folks,  if you want to avoid the many pitfalls often associated with this sometimes "murky waters" industry, then take a minute or two to read the bit below, it'll be worth your while.

Originally from South Africa,  I have worked as an IFA for 8 years in 4 countries in some of the most rural environments you can possibly imagine...dodging everything from Malaria, Yellow fever, Ebola scares to Al Shabaab terrorists hiding out in my then city of residence in East Africa and whatever in between. Then I've also worked in some fantastic locations across SE Asia before settling my family in Panama in 2019.

My personal advice when it comes to financial advisory jobs?  Sending your CV to everyone and their mates in the IFA world might not always necessarily always be the best idea or strategy to leverage your career or even income options in the end. People talk and quite frankly word gets around quickly and you want to be sure not to water down your own proposition by coming across as perhaps desperate.

Truth be told, when you really want to get to the nuts and bolts of things in this industry, you need to speak to someone experienced, -someone with on-the-ground, practical experience as an offshore IFA and have been where you are. I also happen to have 5 years experience as an independent 3rd party financial advisor recruiter for some of the best international IFA firms out there before joining Invictus AMG .  I'm that guy that competitors will probably end up gritting their teeth over, because I really GET how things work on both sides of the table.

So, why risk gambling or tossing a coin when you can get first hand,  experienced career advice? 

Yes, we are picky...and YES we are choosey, because we want only the best guys out there prepared to operate on an ethical and best practice mandate and principle.

If you would like some more information leading up to our official launch (to be announced pending final legal and regulatory formalities), please read the brief and apply via the form below.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Daniel van niekerk Chief Operating Officer

Advisor Job Description:

We have an opportunity we believe to be unparalleled by any competitor in the international wealth management industry. 

We can appreciate that advisors are always looking for ways to grow and even future-proof their business and so we are offering a true value proposition to drive short-term income, long-term capital value and a professional career.

It is in our own interest to work hard to make your life easier. We  will offer you a virtually paperless ‘back office’ and also paperless product / solution applications  for your clients,  savings effort time and money.

If getting the absolute best remuneration rate in the industry is of interest to you, while making sure that costs and fees to clients are kept within below average figures, then this could very well finally be the opportunity all your previous experience have lead you up to.

  • You will provide strategic advice across a variety of financial products and services
  • You will assess client’s overall financial picture, understand their needs and develop a solid financial plan
  • Keep abreast of new industry’s trends and research the market to back up financial consulting
  • Guide clients towards a profitable and secure financial decision
  • Oversee the course of client’s financial plan(s) and update it, if necessary, to ensure profits
  • Comply with all industry rules and regulations where applicable
  • 3 years+ proven working experience as a Financial adviser or relevant experience
  • Track record of successful financial guidance in previous roles
  • Strong communication, negotiation and presentation skills
  • You will have the capability to build rapport with people from multiple nationalities, jobs and industries
  • Successful and target-driven individuals
  • Hard-working and motivated individuals
  • Confidence and strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to analyze financial market data and to provide appropriate advice
  • Accuracy, attention to detail and the ability to explain complex information clearly and simply
  • Excellent PC knowledge and ability to operate database systems

  • Ideally be UK level 4 qualified, or be prepared to work towards this industry benchmark within 6 months of joining.
  • Very competent in spoken and written business English
    Support provided:

    • Access to a fantastic, custom-built, proprietary CRM system to help you manage your time and schedule more effectively than ever before
    • Access to exclusive-, in-house, taylor-made LinkedIn lead generation and video marketing strategies to help you stand out from any competitors
    • Pass the required UK CII / CISI advisor exams successfully on the job and we will cover the costs
    Additional benefits:

    • Working in a safe, tropical, multi cultiral Caribbean type environment. (I can think of worse places to work in?)
    • You will assess client’s overall financial picture, understand their needs and develop a solid financial plan
    • A Tax Free income – You’re not taxed in Panama on foreign income
    • We're NOT part of an IFA network, so all TOB’s are directly with solution providers
    • Fantastic financial planning solutions specifically with clients fees and costs in mind!
    • Assistance with residence procedures for those wanting to reside here long term.

    We will be one of the first and only IFA brokerages that will in all seriousness be able to back up any  “we’re different” claims.

    Please note: This position would typically suit experienced and CISI / CII qualified UK investment advisory candidates. This position is NOT for someone from the accounting / auditing or financial management profession. This is a client facing, sales and targets driven profession.


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